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Yamaha Propeller 13-5/8″ x 13″ Pitch – 6E5-45949-00

Yamaha Propeller – 13-5/8″ × 13″Pitch – Aluminium -K Series
Yamaha part no. 6E5-45949-00

(15 Splines and 4.25″ Gear casing)

Yamaha design, quality, and performance in a low-cost, lightweight propeller.

A good all-around choice for your Yamaha outboard.
Available in a wide variety of sizes and pitches

Two Stroke:
60F, 70B, 75A, 75C, PRO 75, 80A, 85A, 90A, 100A, PRO V 100, 115A, 115B, 115C, 130A, 130B, 140A, 140B, 140C
Four Stroke:
FT50B, FT50C,FT50G, FT60B, FT60D, F70A, F80A, F80B, F100A, F100D, F115A, F115B

Please note: Original box may be slightly worn/ discoloured


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