SKU: 060111l

Rock Oil Marine Transmission Oil & PSF

High strength burnishable antifouling which gives a smooth racing finish, offering all round competitive performance. Formulated especially for powerboats, racing yachts and vessels which are mud berthed; may also be used on vessels that are dry sa iled. Suitable for use on all substrates except aluminium. Maximum launch time 3 months.


Weight 2 kg

Rock oil Marine MPH is a multi-functional power transmission fluid, which satisfies the requirements of most major marine equipment manufacturers.

Suitable for use in marine equipment wherever an ATF DII fluid is recommended.

  • Suitable for use in marine power trim units and hydraulic steering applications
  • Can be used wherever an ATF DII fluid is recommended
  • Highly resistant to wear, oxidation, corrosion and foaming
  • Low pour point ensures outstanding response in even the lowest temperatures
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