RîL 580 RIB

RîL 580 Rigid Inflatable Boat made exclusively for Wales Wales Marine.
*Cost is for the base model*

Designed in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

We are thrilled to introduce West Wales Marine’s latest boat range, a testament to innovation and excellence in the marine industry. This new line-up, crafted with precision and passion, stands out with it’s distinctive styling and cutting edge materials, transcending traditional standards.

RîL580 Specification
Total length 580cm
Total width 238cm
Tube diameter 58cm
Boat weight 450kgs
Maximum people on board 8 people
Engine Power range 155hp
Maximum payload 1200kg
Number of air chambers 5
Tube material 1.0 mm Hyperte
Key Features:

Hydraulic Steering: Providing a smooth and responsive control system, enhancing the overall maneuverability of the boat, particularly in challenging conditions or at higher speeds.

Deep V Hull: Providing unmatched performance in a variety of sea conditions.

Hypertex Fabric: Not only provides a touch of luxury but is engineered to withstand the rigors of marine environments offering both style and substance.

EVA Flooring: A lightweight and durable slip-resistant material, making it an ideal option for wet environments such as boats. It also provides cushioning underfoot, which can help reduce fatigue during long periods spent on board.

Storage: Ample hidden storage ensures that you have everything you need for your adventures on the water.

Hidden Cleats: Our push down cleat system blends seamlessly into the sleek design. Providing both style and practicality.

Built in Bilge Pump: Ensures a dry and worry-free piece of mind.

Built in Fuel tank: Say goodbye to refueling hassles with the convenience of a built- in fuel tank, extending your journey and maximizing your time on the water.

Sundeck: Perfect for soaking up the rays and enjoying the panoramic views.

Navigation lights: Navigate with confidence, day or night, using integrated navigation lights for added safety.

Deck & underwater lighting: Enhance safety and style on the water while enjoying unparalleled visibility and a captivating underwater glow

Tables & cupholders: Our sturdy and space efficient marine grade tables provide a convenient surface for dining, games or other activities on board. Safely secure your beverages too while cruising or anchored , ensuring hassle free hydration on your aquatic journeys!

Double layered footsteps & ladder: Effortlessly re-enter your boat after a refreshing swim and make boarding a breeze.

Lean Seat: This seat enhances the boat experience by providing a comfortable and secure perch whilst in command of the boat.

Ski Pole: Gear up with our top of the line ski pole, engineered for strength and stability making it perfect for wakeboard enthusiasts. Enjoy thrilling towed water activities that will take your boating experience to new heights.

Feel free to ask us about optional extras including Audio, GPS and fish finding systems. Packages including engine trailer and fitted available.

E-mail andy@westwalesmarine.co.uk or call us on: 01646 602288 if you have bespoke RIB requirements. Pre-orders welcomed. 2 year warranty as standard. In-store purchase only.


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