RîL 430 RIB

*Price to be released shortly*
Total length 430cm
Total width 195cm
Tube diameter 49cm
Boat weight 150kgs
Maximum people on board 6 people
Engine Power range 40hp
Maximum payload 640kg
Number of air chambers 4
Tube material 1.0 mm Hypertex

We are thrilled to introduce West Wales Marine’s latest boat range, a testament to innovation and excellence in the marine industry. This new line-up, crafted with precision and passion, stands out with it’s distinctive Deep hulls and modern styling, using cutting edge materials, transcending traditional standards.

Key Features as standard:

Hydraulic Steering: Providing a smooth and responsive control system, enhancing the overall maneuverability of the boat, particularly in challenging conditions or at higher speeds.

Deep V Hull: Providing unmatched performance in a variety of sea conditions.

EVA Flooring: A lightweight and durable slip-resistant material, making it an ideal option for wet environments such as boats. It also provides cushioning underfoot, which can help reduce fatigue during long periods spent on board.

Storage: Ample hidden storage ensures that you have everything you need for your adventures on the water.

Hidden Cleats: Our push down cleat system blends seamlessly into the sleek design. Providing both style and practicality.

Built in Bilge Pump: Ensures a dry and worry-free piece of mind.

Built in Fuel tank: Say goodbye to refueling hassles with the convenience of a built- in fuel tank, extending your journey and maximizing your time on the water.

Sundeck: Perfect for soaking up the rays and enjoying the panoramic views.

Eva Stern footsteps: Effortlessly re-enter your boat after a refreshing swim and make boarding a breeze.

Navigation lights: Navigate with confidence, day or night, using integrated navigation lights for added safety.

These handsome looking RIBS align with the principles of efficiency and agility, making these boats a joy to navigate. Elevate your boating adventures- our RIB promises unrivaled convenience, comfort, and style for a nautical experience like no other.

We can also pair this up as a package with our Mariner/ Yamaha Outboards and Extreme Trailers.

Please feel free to ask us about optional extras including Audio, GPS and fish finding systems.

Please e-mail andy@westwalesmarine.co.uk or call us on: 01646 602288 if you have bespoke RIB requirements. Pre-orders welcomed. 2 year warranty as standard.

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