How to choose a trailer

How to Choose a Trailer

What boat?

Depending on the type of boat you have will make a difference to the type of trailer support you will require. Most boats including ribs, hard boats and dinghies are more suited to roller support, wooden boats require extra keel support with stabilising bunks, inflatables (sib’s) are ideally suited to bunked support. If you are unsure ask one our experts.

Boat length?

The LOA (length over all) is the boat length, for selecting the correct trailer we require the bow eye to transom measurement, this is the two furthest points the boat will have contact to the trailer.

Boat weight?

This is the gross weight of boat, engine, fuel and everything else on the boat. The ‘rule of thumb’ is the combined boat and engine weight plus 10% it is important to make sure you do not under estimate the weight of your boat. An EXT750 will typically weigh approx 170kg allowing a boat weight of 580kg. 

Braked or un-braked?

The law states that up to 750kg gross weight you do not require brakes on your trailer, above this weight you will require a braked trailer.

Single or twin axle?

An Ext1900 is our largest single axle trailer and can carry 1465kg of boat weight, if you have a boat heavier than this you will require a twin axle trailer. 

Rollers or Bunks?

Typically trailers offer two main types of support, rollers and bunks.

Rollers are considered easier for launch and recovery, where as bunks are thought to offer more support.

Rollers – 

We are the only boat trailer manufacturer to make our own rollers, due to this we have designed a non-marking, nylon roller that has superior contact with the boat offering more support than any other roller. 

Bunks –

Our rubber backed, nylon based carpeted bunks come in many lengths and are fully adjustable.


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