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Galvanised Folding Grapnel Anchor 1.5kg

High strength Tiger Xtra antifouling has been developed to give you that extra performance. Due to its improved formulation and enhanced film structure Tiger Xtra is suited to both power and sail and one coat will last all season, while the applica tion of a second coat will give year round protection with excellent and consistent long term performance under all conditions. Suitable for use on all substrates except aluminium. Maximum launch time 3 months.


Weight 5 kg

Product Description

Grapnel Anchor 1.5kg

Low cost weighted grapnel anchors.

The galvanised folding grapnel anchor has a weighted end to improve its holding power, easily stowed due to the way the flukes fold in to the shank and is therefore a popular anchor for smaller day boats, tenders and sailing dinghies.

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