SKU: 4511-7

Attwood 1100 GPH Automatic bilge pump

Attwood SAHARA Automatic Bilge Pump 1100 GPH
Attwood part number: 4511-7

An automatic-switch bilge pump is a requirement for any vessels 20 and over with sleeping accommodations,
but is a great convenience for any size boat.
The Sahara has everything contained in one compact yet durable package pump, wire seals, strainer,
and mercury-free switch and installs quickly and easily in tight spaces.
Pumps include 36 lengths of 16-gauge caulked and tinned copper wire.
S1100 is our most powerful and efficient automatic pump.
High capacity for larger boats and yachts
3-Year Warranty

12V 6 amp current draw (10 amp fuse)
1.1/8″ (28mm) outlet
1100 GPM at 0 feet (at 13.6V)
973 GPM at 3.3 feet (at 13.6V)


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